Td moneywheel table


Money Wheel perhaps the easiest of all the casino games and by far the least intimidating.

The money wheel is an absolute must for your fundraiser, corporate party, bar mitzvah, birthday party or any other event you maybe hosting.

Even those few who don't gamble will often step up to the table and place a wager. Just because of the basic simplicity of the game.

The game works as follows:
You simply place a wager on whatever number or numbers you desire. Once all bets are placed the dealer spins the wheel and whatever number the indicator lands on is the winner. It's that simple!

The payouts are:
  • 1-payout 1-1
  • 2-payout 2-1
  • 5-payout 5-1
  • 10-payout 10-1
  • 20-payout 20-1
  • Joker-payout 40-1

We also promote Caribbean Stud, Red Dog, Let it Ride, Baccarat, and Slot Machines upon request.