Td roulette table


Roulette- The game roulette originated in France and the modern day layout that we find in the casinos dates back to 1842.

Originally the game was only offered to Kings and blue bloods of the aforementioned origin. But as time moved on so did the popularity and availability of the game.

In the present day, the game is enjoyed by millions around the world! Roulette is a relatively easy game to play. Therefore attracting both gaming enthusiasts and novices. A sure fire hit at your next event.

Here are the rules on how to play Roulette:
  • The American Wheel has 38 numbers 1-36 and 0-00.
  • When Buying in you must purchase special roulette chips from the dealer before playing. So to avoid controversy each player receives a different color chip.
  • These chips are good for roulette only and you must cash them in when you are done playing. In return you will receive regular casino chips.
  • There are nine possible payouts on roulette all with different odds payouts. Here are wagering possibilities:

Wagering Red or Black, Odd or Even Numbers 1-18 or 19-36 payout- Even Money First 12 numbers, Second 12 numbers, and Third 12 numbers payout -2 to 1.
Any one number including 0 and 00 payout 35-1 Any one of two numbers payout 17-1 Any one of 3 numbers in a group payout 11-1 Any one of 4 numbers in a group payout 8-1 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 payout 6-1 Any one of 6 numbers in a group payout 5-1 A Courting Line bet 0 and 00 Payout 17-1
As you see Roulette is a very simple game to play. But if you are still not comfortable our professionally trained dealer staff at Tumbling Dice will be more then happy to teach you how to play and give you some strategizing tips to maximize your money and enhance your enjoyment of the game.

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